How Can I Earn Money Online? – Confessions of an Internet Marketer!

A Simple Report on What You’ll need to Earn Money Online:

How Can I Earn Money Online? – Confessions of an Internet Marketer!The very first thing that’s needed is a website and or blog.This will be the heart to your business, the engine under the hood. You’ll need to obtain a domain name as well,this is the website address you will send your online visitors to and looks like this: www.YourWebsite .comYou can acquire domain names at any registrar like or namecheap.comYou MUST have an Email Auto Responder.OK people, this is very important. You want a means by which to gather people’s contact info, their email address and name. In order to do this you want an autoresponder.There are two main auto responders on the market: AWeber and GetResponse.By far the preferred is AWeber!Once you’ve gotten a good quality list of people within your email list you can then market to them!Tip: E Mail Marketing is definitely an art form in its self. DO NOT try to sell products to your list if you don’t take enough time to establish trust with them, unless you want a bunch of website visitors to unsubscribe that is. There’s definitely a lot more to the subject, but this article is just a review of the over all process, not an deep study.The next thing you’ll need is to understand keyword research.This could possibly be the single most valuable skill you could ever possess in the game! Do this wrong and you’ve just wasted a huge amount of time.A keyword isn’t really an individual word alone, but a phrase of words.For Example: “How Can I Earn Money Online” is a keyword phrase, not every individual word.Tip: Getting good keywords is centred on high traffic and low competition. Generally you want the traffic to be as a minimum 100 searches every month and then the competition 50,000 or lower. If you are just starting out I’d recommend your competition be 10,000 or lower (the fewer the better).Important Note: There are many ways to do keyword research and plenty of tools out there. However, for everybody who is a novice you very well may buy one of these tools and become completely confused on how to utilize it!Well, don’t get worried, I’ve got your back! I personally use a tool called Keyword Evolution to perform my research in fact it is the simplest and the most accurate tool I’ve ever used!Once you have a good keyword phrase and a website/blog you will want to write original content.This very article that you’re reading at this moment is a perfect example of content.Important: The keyword phrase you chosen to make use of Has to be within the title of your article and in the body of your article about once every 100 words. There is always more for this subject, but this post is intended to ensure that you get a review of what you need to do and learn.Once you’ve written your article the next step is to publish it in your website/blog and popular article directories.OK, so you’ve now got an internet site . and or blog, an autoresponder, and an original keyword optimized article written, what’s next?You now will need to post your article to your website/blog and optionally, but is recommended, post it to popular article submission sites.Tip: There are many different article submission sites out there, but the most popular and Google’s favorite is EzineArticles.comThe final task of the list is to get targeted traffic to your websites.There are lots of solutions to get targeted traffic to your websites, but you mainly have two options: Free or Paid traffic.Free traffic takes longer to obtain, however it is the most beneficial traffic because it’s residual you don’t have to keep paying repeatedly for it.There are literally hundreds of techniques for getting free traffic, however the most common are with the aid of Social Networking like FaceBook, Back Linking (an entire subject in its self), Social Book Marking Websites, and SEO (search engine optimisation).These are all subjects that will take some time to know about, bear in mind it’s a legitimate business, not a make money fast deal. You have got to invest some time learning the way to run it. That’s why I do not recommend using services that say quick and easy.Paid traffic is extremely fast, however , you must pay a lot of cash for it and just incase you do not know what you are doing one can REALLY rack up a giant bill before you know it.I’m speaking from experience here folks! Now, don’t get me wrong paid traffic has some place in the business, but I recommend you do your home work first before you jump into it. Where paid traffic really shines is on time sensitive material such as a holiday sale for example.Some forms of paid ads would include Google Adwords, FaceBook ads, Bing and Yahoo ads, PPC (pay per click traffic), Banners, Solo ads, etc.As you can find you will discover numbers of subjects that you’ll want to read about when endeavoring to answer the question How Do You Earn Money Online, and it could take you a little time, but every great journey starts with a single step.Well, if you’ve read my “How Can I Earn Money Online” article this far than I give you a big high five! I congratulate you on taking action and taking that 1st step.

Savings for 2012


It remains an uncertain time for the economy and anyone wanting a secure and wise savings option for their long term savings and investments. There are still a plethora of options available, each claiming to be the best inflation busting, or inflation tracking deal there is. On the other hand we have the same old fixed rate products such as the fixed rate Isa or bond, hard and fast and managing still to present convincingly high interest rates. Online savings are on the increase and there is the theory that fewer people will choose to save or at least save long term due to uncertainty and the perception among some that savings aren’t worth as much, or won’t hold their worth in the current climate.

With this in mind many are opting to save in short term accounts such as high interest online accounts, or are opting instead to simply spend on items which hold value such as cars and property development.

As the new tax year rolls around it will certainly be interesting to see how many choose to open or reinvest in their variable or fixed rate Isa. The fixed rate Isa and standard cash Isa are frequently being praised as one of the better options for long term investments due to their yet steady interest rates and their tax benefits which are suggested to be an excellent combination for resisting the effects of inflation on the value of savings.

Truly there are more options and opinions on saving in 2012 than ever, it remains to be seen which will be the wisest savings option in the coming years!

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