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I wonder if monster bands will appear
My health food is my favorite artist is rock band RIZE.
JESSE (vo & g) also acting as vocalist of The Bonez, drummer who is also active as an actor, Kaneko Nobuaki (Drum), brother of Kaneko Nobuaki of drums, Dragon Ash, and other charismatic bassist Kenken (bass) is a group of three people influenced by Western bands of the 1990s, each band exquisitely mixed, is a band of strong color mixture. Each rock band has a reputation and is a rock band with some of the best performers in Japan among the many bands in Japan.
The reason I like RIZE is that there are service spirits that make sure that every time the valuable experience of raising fans to the stage at the stage of the last song of live and letting the lap part sing, and fan correspondence firm I am fans of over 10 years, thinking that it is really wonderful.

Try using health foods, my dislike artist is ONE OK ROCK.

The reason I do not like it is that, after transferring the activity base from overseas to Japan, the album being released is conscious of overseas (especially the United States), too, it is not tasty like the second decoction of other overseas rock bands, third decoction It is because it became a band.
I knew this band from the debut back then and it was felt that I felt it was feeling that I was clumsily making songs while clumsy in the early days, but the album released last year is a song named American Girl It is because I felt very regrettable that it was an album that put the most importance on overseas reception.
Also one of the factors I dislike last year when I posted critical criticisms for fans on Instagram. Perhaps the principals have become active overseas, they are supposed to be tengu. I am sorry to think that I am not the only band with fans.
If you read it together, recommend it ⇒ DS Adipo

I think that honesty is important in everything!

The health food I used may not be starring Naka Risa, but I’m constantly appearing in a series of dramas and movies and I think that he plays an impressive character. I feel strongly that it is because she has a performance skill. Even when I play a sarcastic character or villain, there are parts that I can not hate anywhere, I think that is her biggest charm. Also, in Instagram, the appearance at home is frequently uploaded, and good friendship of families is conveyed, I will smile. I think that I want to make such a family. I also saw the appearance at Instagram and I liked it more than ever.

I tried using health foods, Mr. Mari Yaguchi

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I did not like it even before the report of the misconduct, but I do not feel it at all likewise as if I think that should not go out to the public place on television after the ill- treatment. It can not be thought of as the same woman to meet at home with other men while my husband is away. I think that herself was higher in revenue and publicity than her husband, but I thought that I overlooked my partner too much. I think that the way of thinking is truly masculine. I think people are doing something rude to partners. There is no honesty.
Moreover, although it may be from long ago, I feel that life is sloppy with the impression that it is chubby.

There is a healing presence on the side every day

The health food I used is different depending on whether you keep inside or outdoors, but if you keep in the room you need to maintain the inside of the house neatly. Is not the dangerous thing that you should not eat be in the place where the dog can reach? Also, when a small dog runs around the room, the legs slip on normal flooring and a burden is applied to the feet of the dog. Therefore, consideration such as laying the carpet in the space where the dog lives is necessary.

As a necessary attitude is a normal feeling, it is “Is it possible to take care of neatly until the end?” Recently animal medicine has advanced and the dog aging phenomenon also occurs. Can I take a nursing care for 24 hours when I become an old dog? Or is there economic power to put in place like old dog home?

Even if I say a dog, I become a family member.
Please do not absolutely stop “You can not move and become a nuisance to your family, so do not throw it away.” A dog is a smart animal that understands the feelings of people. I tried using health foods, but in my case I got a puppy because I love dogs so if I decide to keep them indoors, I found that I have an
allergy and I was in trouble.

Although I loved animals in general, I had touched and held them several times before, but I had known cat allergy first, but I thought that the dog was okay. When I was dressed like a camisole with a lot of exposure I hugged a puppy and the part I touched my skin got itchy and could not hug it. Because there was no symptoms other than itching, I was living with care so as not to touch the bare skin so there was no problem
but I listen carefully to those who know allergies such as raising asthma even small animals such as hamsters So I think that it is important to check with the dog together with confirmation and trial first.

I would like to see a variety of song programs!

I like HIRO from former EXILE for health foods I used. Efforts from the time that EXILE can not be sold is amazing, I will not relax even after always selling at full power, I respect very much the attitude of a gentleman to always keep the seniors of the entertainment world properly. Even if you say the entertainment world, you can understand TV too much even for entertainers. Now I am President of EXILE TRIBE, LDH, I think that it is very wonderful to train future artists. It seems that the care of the junior is also very good. Whenever there is always a live or concert etc, please always put in the insert, send an encouragement mail, if you are consulted from the juniors you can make a person who consults even if you sleep I think that it is.

I tried using health foods, I do not like Takuya Kimura much of SMAP. It was a disgusting impression that it was decided by everyone that it seems that only one person not convinced when quitting SMAP decided. After all, Kimura Takuya can not get out of any movies or dramas. It is boring to see what is not useful enough. Also, I do not like the way to talk. There are times when I talk a bit nasty. There are also impressions that seems to be a little great, and there are times when the attitude when playing with a big-talent celebrity in variety variety and acting with a performer is so different as to be known through TV. People are still unpleasant as they are watching.

A missing piece that can attract you!

I firstly learned about health foods I used when I was Ueno Aya Kanpachi, I still support you! Age is also of the same age and I think that it is really wonderful as a woman, but there is a feeling that I have chased more than that! I also checked the drama and TV programs that Aya Ueto is out and if I say what I like, it is the charm that I can draw in acting skill and why! Also, a very close feeling comes about! There are things that do whatever you can do and get a wide range of roles! Increasing age, increasingly attractive, I also like a woman I like as an ideal woman, I like the place I want to support more than anything!

Try using health food, it is Wada Akiko!

The reason I dislike is blatant intimidation and silent pressure without words! I’m sorry for just looking at people and the impression of TV, but I will change TV channel just by looking! The feeling of violence and power is inevitable, it seems that it seems like a junior entertainer or a talent to be like a thing, and I was even watching and feeling unpleasant feeling! I am afraid of the impression, it is an image with sake and gold and violence! Although it is selfish to say values on television, it seems to be a compelling opinion or something, it seems that the program is established by forcing people to forcibly, but I am not particularly interested in it, but if I watch it on television something It is a disastrous entertainer because there is sense of race made!

Cool and comfortable nude make-up gel

For the health food I used, Majolica Mallorca’s nude make-up gel is a very useful makeup base. Since the functions of foundation concealer and makeup base are also set as a set, I think that it is wonderful to use it as not only as the foundation foundation but also for the correction of the parts concerning dullness. It will quickly liquefy at the moment you put it on your skin and it melts quickly, so you can use it very pleasantly especially when making makeup from the summer in summer. Also, since the tube of the product itself is more subtle than other products, it can be easily carried even if it is put in a makeup pouch that tends to be messed up, and it is especially useful, as it can be made a luggage when traveling.

Try using health foods, it is a make-up gel with the function of a foundation concealer, so it is certain that the cover power is strong, but after I drop the makeup again, I am concerned. I think that it is because the particles of the gel itself are fine, but since it is firmly fixed on the skin, it pores will be clogged considerably when used everyday. Therefore, when it is painted during rough skin, it inadvertently gets into rough pores and causes red inflammation. Also when painting the whole face it tends to become pale and white like a doll, so it is essential to use the technique while pinpoint adjusting at the nose and eyebrows to around the eyebrows, around the cheekbones etc. It is also inconvenient.
Reference: Gino

If you live there is no doubt in Yashio!

Health foods I used live in Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture. Because Yashio is in a place sandwiched between Chiba and Tokyo in the end of Saitama Prefecture, it is easy to go out to anywhere in Saitama, Chiba and Tokyo, and there are many choices when you leave. Also, as the Tsukuba Express opened, the traffic side became very convenient. There are plenty of bus services, so you can get to Kameari station, Kanamachi station, Ayase station, Matsudo station, Soka station. There is a bus of Haneda Airport line, and it is very helpful for traveling etc. There are also supermarkets around the station and there are three supermarkets near the station, and restaurants including cafe and tavern are also substantial. There is a commercial facility Frespo Yashio in front of the station, and everything necessary for daily life can be arranged. Even though it is a metropolitan area, it is easy to live without having garbage.

When using health foods, ease of living is outstanding, but there is not much place to recommend as it places to go and sightseeing. I can not think of a spot that can spend more than half a day. The specialty product is Komatsuna, which itself is very delicious, but I think whether it is a little weak to attract other prefectures etc due to lack of impact. So when you give sweets to friends and company relations, you will be asked for Soka rice cracker in Soka city next door. Another thing is that there is no police station. Although I do not use it so frequently, it is a little troublesome to go to the Soka police station or the Yoshikawa police station when updating my license.

Focus on acting skills and stories!

I listened to healthy foods that I used, so I listened to you and I watched it at home because I was recording. Have a husband, a good person whom everyone admires, having a normal happy marriage. But after all, a part that is not a good person is coming out and it pounding in a bit scary meaning. I think that it is the act of Mitsu, but in fact I imagine that the real face is this one. And Mitsu ‘s real intention is a leak. Is it easy to understand or is it too honest? I think seriously, too aggressive! I also feel that. I think that the meaning of women is somewhat different, but I anticipate that it will be a development that betrayed expectations, the imaginable shuraba after this, and how to cast it!

Try using health food, I am the one who is destiny.
I knew that it was a drama of absolutely handsome Kamenashi and mountain pies that was too long, I was quite excited and saw it. I saw it as the first episode, the second episode, but it seems kind of boring. As for why, Kamenashi is a salesman who is not cool in character. Mountain Pear is a mysterious person (lol) To put it more, lie is that the character of mountain pear matches too well. It feels like a starring drama so far, and I feel that there are many useless conversations. When it develops too rapidly, it makes me feel like being laid out by it and it gets tired, but I am tired (laugh) It is something like punch! ! I thought that there is no appeal such as. Because the last co-star drama was interesting, I compare it absolutely, I think that I was disappointed in my expectation that I requested more than that.

I expect the music to brighten the times

The health food I used has always loved Southern All Stars. I belong to fan club for over 20 years. There are a variety of reasons you like, but first, songs are rich in variety. From ballads that make me cry, from genuine rock, joked songs to erotic things, and even to songs like Enka, I can enjoy it without getting tired. I do not know why, but Southern All Stars songs feel like how old songs are not old fashioned. For example, “Ichigo no Eri -” is an old song for more than a quarter of a century already, but I think that today’s young people do not feel like a Showa song even if they listen. Furthermore, Mr. Kuwata’s singing voice that is just a bit crouchy is numb. It is Southern All Stars forever.

It is bad for fans to use health foods, but Yumi Matsutoya is not good at it. I think that songs are quite nice, but I’m not good at that voice. I feel that I do not know well whether singing is good or bad, with a metallic voice without vibrato. Also, it was a feeling that the song of Yuming temporarily was saying that she is representing a young woman, but as the trend gradually changes, Yumin can not deny the feeling of being left out of time. I have also been to the concert only once, but I felt a little discomfort with the feeling of illusion rather than singer’s concert. Since then, weakness has increased.
Quote: Improve resistance

I hope the number of movie programs will increase

The health food I used is Friday Road Show Because you can watch interesting movies for free, you do not need to go to the cinema and go to rent a DVD. It also does not cost money. However, when I do not have my favorite movie, I do not see it because it is boring. When I have a favorite movie, I am watching without missing it. Especially I like animation movies, but recently I am looking forward to Lupine, Conan festival and animation are continuing. Other than that, I also like romance movies. When you are watching a romance movie, you can soak in sweet and sour mood with a time trip when you are a student. As I thought, the movie is wonderful. Also, they often like themes songs and inserted songs as well. I remember the video by listening to the songs.

Try using health food, the! World astray news The first time it was interesting and I was watching closely, but recent topics have become more interesting and it has become boring. If the topic is interesting to you, it may be interesting to see, but it is something you do not care about if someone got overweight, made it, or got strange. Watching television for an hour for other people came to seem wasteful of time, and I have almost disappeared recently. It is fun to watch if it is a topic more familiar or related to myself, and I think that it will not be a waste of time. So it depends on the topic of the week. I think that if you are interested in topics.